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Endorsements for 'Where are the Prophets?'


“This is the second book by Terry Wynn and once again he addresses political and cultural matters head-on.  He has a no-nonsense, yet well thought out approach, which sheds new light on age-old arguments, while at the same time inspiring you with real-life stories of faith and endurance.  In this selfish world in which we live, it is an inspiration to read about people that live for a purpose outside themselves.”


Bill Hightower - President, Tower Strategies, Inc, USA




Two things we are told not to talk about are religion and politics. Putting them together is considered even worse.

However, Terry Wynn has managed to turn such a misconception on it’s head in this remarkable book. Terry has had many years as a politician and has been granted privileged access to many influential people and places. This book is primarily about people, people who stand by their faith in Jesus in politically difficult situations.

Terry travels the world into many political hot spots to reveal just how Jesus is working powerfully in the lives of those who are willing to lay their faith on the line.  

If you think there is no integrity in politics then you need to read this book. A refreshing and challenging book that inspires us to “get involved”.


Chris Jackson - International Rights Manager, Kingsway Publications




"I found this book insightful, informative and analytical, mirroring the characteristics displayed by Terry Wynn in his long service as an excellent European politician and representative of the constituents of the North West of England."



Theresa Griffin MA - Deputy Chair of Labour North West and elected member of Labour's National Policy Forum





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